In the next british elections, citizens will be able to vote for the candidate AI Steve to Parliament, but he is not a simple candidate, but an avatar created by Artificial Intelligence. His goal is to become the UK’s first AI MP.

The man behind this candidate is Steve Endacott, a 59-year-old businessman from the south of England, who defines himself as a “capitalist with a socialist conscience.” Endacott is president of an Artificial Intelligence company and, he affirms, that he is just a mere physical representative of IA Steve, who would not be able to go to rallies or attend Parliament.

Endacott, disillusioned with traditional politics, decided to undertake this project to reconnect politicians with their voters, as he told ‘The Independent’. His party, Smarter UK, did not register in time for the election, so AI Steve will stand as an independent.

“AI Steve was created to ensure the people of Brighton and Hove had 24/7 access to leave opinions and create policy,” the owner wrote on his website.

Precisely, that is the message Endacott champions: policies for the people made by the people. He assures that his electoral program has been designed by the citizens themselves.

On the party’s own website, voters can talk to AI Steve, ask him questions or express their concerns. In addition to responding, what this artificial intelligence aims to analyze, through ChatGPTall the requests and comments so that they can become authentic policies.