Main left-wing parties in France agree on the need to present a single candidacy in each constituency for the french legislative elections which are celebrated on June 30 and July 7.

This is stated in a letter, released after a meeting in which they participated The Rebellious France, socialists, greens and communistswhich speaks of the “desire to present a program of social and ecological ruptures” that confronts the macronist and “racist” project of the extreme right, which has swept the European elections in France.

In the letter, however, there is no mention of any firm agreementimplying that the four parts They still have to negotiate the program and the candidates that they will present, a procedure that promises to be arduous. The presentation of candidacies for the elections ends on June 16.

“We will present a breakout program for the first 100 days of the Government of the ‘new Popular Front’“, alluding to the left-wing coalition in France between 1936 and 1938, reads the letter.

As soon as we know the electoral advance announced on Sunday by the French president, Emmanuel Macronafter the overwhelming triumph of the extreme right of Marine Le Penthe French left, in low times since the last five years of socialist Fran├žois Hollande (2012-2017), rushed to launch a call for unity to reissue the ephemeral formula of the progressive coalition NUPES.

This alliance premiered in the 2022 legislativewith results below expectations – far from the majority that had been proposed – and integrated La Francia Insumisa, the socialists, the greens and the communists, although was quickly dissolved due to internal dissensions.

As happened this Sunday, several demonstrations of young people against the extreme right were repeated this Monday in large French cities, most of them spontaneous. Likewise, the main French unions have announced a weekend of mobilizations against a hypothetical Government led by the Lepenist extreme right.