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This way you will pack more in your hand luggage.  Forget about additional fees.  You can fit everything.

This way you will pack more in your hand luggage. Forget about additional fees. You can fit everything.

The holiday season is just around the corner, and many of us are focusing on holidays abroad. The problem, however, is luggage, because you have to pay a lot of money for a checked suitcase, which is why many people only take hand luggage. How to fit more things into a suitcase?

Hand luggage is luggage that passengers can take on board. It can be a suitcase or a backpack, but usually it should not exceed certain dimensions and weigh more than 8 to 10 kilograms. How to pack hand luggage on a plane? Here are life hacks that will help you take twice as much stuff.

How to pack in hand luggage? Use these methods and you will be able to fit much more

Fees for checked baggage can reach up to PLN 200, so if we want to travel on a budget, it is best to choose the option with hand luggage. Not only will we spend less money, but we will also have everything at hand and save time when returning and collecting

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Mike Harvey from the moving company 1st Move International gave some tips in the New York Post on how to pack your carry-on luggage. In his opinion it is best to fold clothes into rectangles and arrange them vertically in the suitcase. He also recommended packing clothes in bags and sucking out the air with a vacuum cleanerand then they will take up less space.

How to pack a suitcase? These tricks may come in handy when packing for your vacation

Mike Harvey advised that before you start packing, you should carefully consider what exactly you want to take with you to avoid excess luggage. He also recommended that we make maximum use of the space in the suitcase and the items we put in it. – Let’s not forget about the empty space inside the shoes. Let’s put socks, underwear and electronic equipment such as shavers inside and we will maximize the space. This has the added benefit of helping the shoes maintain their shape while traveling, he said. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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