At least 58 people have been injured this Sunday due to the a tarp falling due to strong winds at a rally by the Morena candidate, Alfredo González, in Xonacatlán, in the state of Mexico. Although at first they were slightly injured, this new incident occurs just days after nine people died and dozens were injured in another electoral event in the country.

The governor, Delfina González, has indicated that 55 of the injured at this Sunday’s event they were treated at the same place of the events “when presenting minor injuries“, while one person has taken himself to the hospital and two more have been sent in ambulances.

The political party has explained that “the canvas that covered the closing of the campaign” of its candidates “fell on the attendees” due to “a strong wind” and “immediately and in solidarity” the attendees “proceeded to help whoever needed it.”

“Fortunately, There were no serious injuries“Only minor injuries and some people had nervous breakdowns, but thanks to the quick and efficient response of the Civil Protection elements, all those affected received immediate and adequate attention,” reads a statement.

Morena added that his team “implemented” from “the first moment” all the necessary security and civil protection measures to guarantee “a safe and orderly event.” “However, the unforeseen weather conditions were an unfortunate factor,” he added.

Likewise, the governor has indicated that the authorities are monitoring an “accident that occurred during the event of Guadalupe Díaz, Morena’s candidate” for mayor of Ixtlahuaca. Over there, 20 people have been trapped by the falling tarp due to the storm, although no one is in serious condition.

These events have taken place just four days after nine people died and dozens were injured due to the collapse of a stage during a rally at the closing ceremony of the electoral campaign of the Citizen Movement party candidate, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, in the Mexican municipality of San Pedro Garza García, in the state of Nuevo León.