One by one, The Iranian government has been executing the seven young Sunnis accused of killing a cleric very critical of the regime. A process that has been characterized by being detained without evidence, convicted in an unfair trial and sentenced to death. And in the next few hours they will hang the last of them alive.

Kamran is Iranian and is already the only one of the seven friends left alive. They have known each other since they were children, but their lives changed 15 years ago when a Sunni cleric, an opponent of the Iranian regime, was murdered.

And they, simple people with few resources, were detained without evidence in a 15-year process that is ending with their execution. They went 3 years without a trial, which, in the end, was a real horror.

The so-called “judge of death” accused them of “corruption on earth”, sentencing them to hanging. However, the worst part was waiting. More than 15 years have passed, until the Iranian regime has decided that it was its time. One by one they are being executed but first they have been isolated.

Now there is only one left alive, Kamran, who has been able to survive longer than his true executioner, the late president Ebrahim Raisi. He was the one who signed his death sentence along with that of nearly 2,500 people in Iran, a list that will be added to. Kamran is already in isolation and, if no one prevents it, it will be another posthumous success of the so-called “butcher of Tehran.” .