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Natural island in Miami that is a bird sanctuary is up for sale for US$31 million

Natural island in Miami that is a bird sanctuary is up for sale for US$31 million

Bird Key, the only natural island in Biscayne Bay Miami, has been put up for sale for US$31.5 million, as announced by its owner and to the concern of local environmentalists in view of the land’s reputation as a refuge for birds.

Finlay Matheson, the owner of this 37.5-acre island, bought Bird Key in 1985 for US$36,000 and wants to take advantage of the good moment in the South Florida real estate market to sell the property, as he told local media.

“It is special because it is the only undeveloped island in North Biscayne Bay and it is the only natural island in Biscayne Bay”Matheson told local channel NBC 6, who stressed that the rest of the islands resting in the bay are artificial.

Bird Key is located between the 79th Street and Julia Tuttle Causeway viaducts, and local environmentalists have highlighted that the island is one of the “last natural treasures” of the bay, and that the sale, and subsequent constructions, may alter a natural habitat for birds.

José Francisco Barros, president of the Tropical Audubon Society, has warned that eventual works on the island will most likely involve excavation and filling of existing wetlands.

“Much habitat has been lost in Miami Beach and along the Miami-Dade coast. This particular island serves as a refuge, resting place for these birds.“Barros told the outlet.

The Government of Miami-Dade County, where this island is located, has been aware of the plans for the possible sale of Bird Key and even, according to local media, made an offer that, however, was not fulfilled. with Matheson’s expectations.

“We are eager to find alternatives, including state or federal support, to purchase this property and expand the footprint of our Biscayne Bay protection programs.”“, the office of the mayor of this county, Daniella Levine Cava, said in a statement.

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