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She did not want to be associated with TVP.  She accepted the invitation after eight years

She did not want to be associated with TVP. She accepted the invitation after eight years

For the first time in eight years, Maja Ostaszewska accepted an invitation to participate in a program broadcast on Polish Television. We are talking about “Hala Odlotów”, hosted by Katarzyna Janowska on TVP Kultura.

As a result of changes in Telewizja Polska, journalists who have not wanted to be associated with the public broadcaster in recent years are increasingly willing to return to the air. The situation is no different in the case of representatives of the world of cinema and broadly understood culture who accept invitations to programs produced by the station.

Maja Ostaszewska returns to TVP

The new management of Telewizja Polska decided to slightly refresh the station’s schedule, introducing new programs and reactivating those that were very popular a few years ago. Another chance was given to well-known and proven formats, i.e. the game show “Tak to lecio” and a talk show devoted to cultural, social and psychological topics, i.e. “Hala Odlotów”. The second of the mentioned programs returned to TVP Kultura in March, and its host was Katarzyna Janowska.

Maja Ostaszewska, who has not appeared on Polish Television for eight years, recently accepted the invitation to participate in the “Departures Hall”. “I live in Mokotów, so I constantly drive past the television station. It was sad that this place suddenly seemed to cease to exist…” she said in an interview with O2.

Last year, Maja Ostaszewska appeared in Agnieszka Holland’s film “The Green Border”, which was criticized many times on Polish Television. “Terrible and deceitful dirt was spilled on me many times. Yes, it was comforting that there were wonderful people on this list and I always thought it was an honor to be in this group – with Janusz Gajos, Krystyna Janda, Maciek Stuhr, Agnieszka Holland, Jurek Owsiak, Olga Tokarczuk,” said the actress in an interview with O2.

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