Tonight Wednesday (May 22), laSexta offers a debatemoderated by Ana Pastor, between the candidate of the PP and the PSOE, Dsmells Montserrat and Teresa Riberarespectively, at european elections that are celebrated in Spain this coming June 9. It will be after El Intermedio, starting at 10:45 p.m.

Previously, a draw was held before a notary that decided the order of the interventions of both candidates. In this way, heThe first intervention will be for Dolors Monserrat and secondly it will be Teresa Ribera’s turn.

The end of the debate that closes with the so-called golden minute, the first intervention will also be for the PP candidate and secondly, that golden minute will be for the PSOE candidate.

This debate between the two main parties in the Spanish Congress comes at a time of tension with Argentina, caused by the visit of its president Javier Milei to Spain, to the Congress organized by Vox in Madrid in which different far-right leaders met, the historical fact that we have known today, that on May 28, Spain, together with Ireland and Norway, will recognize the Palestinian state or the polarization between PP and PSOE that exists right now in Spain.

It will be a “Sixth-style debate” that will start with a question and then begin with the different blocks of economy, health, geopolitics or the polarization that Europe is experiencing… where the candidates will be able to debate freely and finally, the debate will close with that golden minute in which the candidates will address the audience of the Sixth, without any type of interruption. “A Sixth debate where there will be questions and, if necessary, there will also be cross-questions,” as Pastor explains. In it videowe can see the result of the draw.