Donald Trump published a video this Monday on his official Truth Social account in which a fake newspaper article is clearly seen in which It reads “Unified Reich” as a campaign for the United States elections.

The document has been deleted from the account of the former US president. Not only that, but a narrator explains that after Trump’s victory what will happen in the country is the boom of the economy and a closed bordertwo star measures of his previous legislature.

Within this context he is the one who makes a comparison with his possible re-election and the “unified Reich, a reference that easily and quickly relates to Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

In the video you can also see other slogans such as “15 million illegal aliens deported” accompanied by the key dates of the First World War, both the beginning and the end of the war conflict.

The spokesperson for the Trump campaign, Karoline Leavitt, assured this Tuesday that the video is not the work of her party and that it is not part of the campaign for the United States elections that will be held on November 5. Furthermore, they have confirmed that it was “reposted by a staffer who clearly didn’t see the word, while the president was in court”.