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Are you entering the hotel?  Get rid of it right away, or you will regret it bitterly.  “The first thing I do after entering”

Are you entering the hotel? Get rid of it right away, or you will regret it bitterly. “The first thing I do after entering”

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it we will spend more and more time in hotels and apartments. As it turns out, a high standard does not always guarantee cleanliness. A former employee revealed what not to use during her stay.

A planned vacation, a business trip or a long-awaited vacation. Regardless of the purpose of your trip, keep your check-in location in mind. When booking, we are often tempted by low prices and attractive locations or dates.

In the photos the rooms look spotlessly clean. However, the reality may turn out to be completely different and we may find a slightly different picture on site. There are also some items of equipment that are better not to be touched or used during your stay.

What not to touch in a hotel room? A former employee reveals the “dirty” truth

Some of the items in the room, contrary to appearances, are not very clean. The truth about one of them was revealed by a former hotel employee on the TikTok application under the pseudonym @marlenajonasz. It turns out that when it comes to regular cleaning, bedspreads and bedspreads are not treated as a priority. – The first thing I do after entering the hotel? I take this unwashed bedspread off the bed. I worked in hotels and I know perfectly well that everything except bedspreads is washed – she revealed in the recording.

What to do immediately after entering the hotel room? Please do this right after check-in

As he reports, quoting an interview from the Money website, the actions you perform immediately after entering the hotel room can be significant. Hotel employees convince us of this. – It is best to rinse the bathtub or shower tray. Not because they are dirty, but because the chemicals used in hotels are stronger than those used in our homes. If there are any leftovers, we don’t want to bathe in them – they warned. It turns out that we should do the same with the kettle.

Hotel room iStock/vladimir soldatov

– Personally, I pay attention to the smell in the room, the cleanliness of the bed linen and towels, glasses and the remote control. This tells me a lot about the hygiene standards in a given facility. I usually take off decorative pillows and bedspreads and put them in the closet because I know they are not washed after each guest departure and I am not a fan of them in the rooms at all – they revealed later in their statement. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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