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The UN calls for “vigilance” against the theft of nuclear material

The UN calls for “vigilance” against the theft of nuclear material

The nuclear watchdog UN He called on Monday for “vigilance” to stop the trafficking of nuclear and radioactive materials and said he has documented more than 4,200 thefts or other incidents in the last 30 years.

In 2023, 31 countries recorded 168 incidents “in line with historical averages,” indicated the International Atomic Energy Agency. (IAEA) it’s a statement.

Six of them “were probably related to trafficking or malicious use,” he added.

Since 1993, the IAEA has recorded 4,243 incidents, of which 350 are related or could be related to trafficking or malicious use.

“The recurrence of incidents confirms the need for continuous monitoring and improvement of regulatory oversight to adequately control, protect and dispose of radioactive material,” said Elena Buglova, director of the division of nuclear safety of the IAEA.

The Vienna-based organization released the data at the beginning of its fourth international conference on nuclear safety, which will end on Friday in the Austrian capital.

A total of 145 States currently report to the IAEA incidents involving nuclear or other radioactive material that was lost, stolen, improperly disposed of or otherwise neglected.

Many radioactive substances are used in hospitals, universities and industries around the world.

He IAEA He fears that extremist groups could seize these materials and use them as a “dirty bomb,” a device that uses conventional explosives to disperse radioactive materials.

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