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Barron, Donald Trump’s youngest, jumps into the political arena with the Republicans

Barron, Donald Trump’s youngest, jumps into the political arena with the Republicans

Barron, the youngest of five children Donald Trump, will jump into the political arena as a delegate of the state of Florida at the next Republican convention, in which the former US president (2017-2021) hopes to be named presidential candidate, US media report.

According to a list obtained by media such as CNN or NBC News, Barron, 18 years old and Trump’s only son with his current wife, Melania, was chosen on Wednesday as one of the state’s general delegates to the Republican National Convention, which will take place in Milwaukee starting next July 15.

“We have a large delegation of grassroots leaders, elected officials and even members of the Trump family,” said Florida Republican Party Chairman Evan Power in a statement reproduced by the network.

“Florida still has a great team for the Convention, but the most important thing is that we are preparing to win Florida and do it in a big way,” he added.

The American media recalls that in the Trump family, where all the children have been politically involved since they were young, Barron has maintained his privacy for the longest time.

In fact, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., committed for years to their father’s political activity, will also be general Republican delegates in Florida, like Tiffany, the fourth of the former president’s children (2017-2021), who previously of Melania, he had two other wives: Ivana Zelnícková, now deceased, and Marla Maples

Ivanka Trump is the only one of Trump’s five children to stay out of politics after serving as his senior adviser to his administration while he was president.

Although several members of the Trump family appear on the list, leaders from the entire Florida Republican ecosystem have also been included, he notes. “Political”.

Among them are officials who supported Governor Ron DeSantis, including Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, the state’s president-designate, Danny Pérez, and Senate president-designate, Ben Albritton, among others, the magazine states.

Polls on voting intentions ahead of the presidential elections on November 5 of this year show that Donald Trump and the current US president, Joe Biden, are currently in a technical tie.

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