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The left will govern in Chile at the hands of Gabriel Boric

Boric has obtained 55.7% of the votes, compared to 44.27% for his far-right opponent José Antonio Kast. The 35-year-old deputy will become the youngest president in Chile, and defines himself as an ecologist, feminist and regionalist.


The left-wing deputy Gabriel Boric, standard bearer of Broad Front and the Communist Party, has won the presidential elections in Chile by obtaining the 55,7 % of the votes with 92% of the tables counted. His opponent, the lawyer far right José Antonio Kast, which prevailed that prevailed in the first round of November 21 with only 2 points of advantage, has finally obtained the 44,27 % of the votes in the second round, one of the biggest differences in a ballot in the recent history of Chile.

“I will be the president of Chile of all Chileans, I will not govern alone between four walls,” Boric assured during a televised phone call with the outgoing president, the conservative Sebastián Piñera.

Kast, for his part, has acknowledged the victory of the former student leader with just over half of the polls scrutinized. “I just spoke with Gabriel Boric and I have congratulated him on his great triumph. From today he is the elected president of Chile and deserves all our respect and constructive collaboration. Chile is always first,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Deputy of 35 years and former student leader, Boric, who will become in March 2022 the youngest president of the recent history of Chile, is defined as environmentalist, feminist Y regionalist and he wants to expand the role of the state towards a welfare model similar to that of Europe.

Boric has assured to receive the mandate “with humility” and has stated in an act before his followers that “hope has won over fear”, and the country is “facing a change in the historical cycle” that his next government “cannot miss” .

He has advocated for “social cohesion” for a “true and sustainable development”, for “respect for human rights”, women, “dissidents and diversities”, health “that does not discriminate between rich and poor”, “dignified pensions”, easy access to housing and basic services and the strengthening of public education.

He has also had words for drug trafficking and violence, which he wants to fight, and climate change, which he will also fight because “it is not an invention.”

His victory has been celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people in downtown Santiago.

He will be the most leftist president since the government of the overthrown Salvador Allende (1973-1990) and the first who is not part of the two great blocs that shared power since the return to democracy in 1990.


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