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The US sanctions hundreds of companies, several Chinese, for helping Russia;  Beijing responds

The US sanctions hundreds of companies, several Chinese, for helping Russia; Beijing responds

The United States launched a new round of sanctions against hundreds of companies, including several Chinese companies, which it accuses of helping Russia in its war against Ukraine.

The almost 300 targets of these sanctions include actors that have allowed Russia to acquire the technology and equipment it needs abroad.“said the Treasury Department in a statement.

“Today’s actions will further disrupt and degrade Russia’s war efforts by attacking its military industrial base and the evasion networks that help supply it.”the announcement continued.

As part of the measures, the United States pointed this Wednesday to several Chinese companies responsible for producing and exporting “essential objects for the Russian air defense industry.”

In turn, the Treasury also sanctioned more than 80 companies that it accuses of helping Vladimir Putin’s government evade sanctions or supporting the Russian chemical and biological weapons program.

Among them are companies based in China, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Turkey, Slovakia and the United Arab Emirates, the statement detailed.

According to a State Department document, Russia has routinely used the chemical chloropicrin, as well as pepper spray against Ukrainian troops, which would go against the Chemical Weapons Convention.

The use of such chemicals is not an isolated incident, and is likely motivated by the desire of Russian forces to expel Ukrainian forces from fortified positions and achieve tactical gains on the battlefield.”said the United States.

The package of measures also includes sanctions against three individuals that the United States accuses of being related to the death of Russian opponent Alexei Nalavni.

Those identified are all workers from the IK-3 and IK-2 penitentiary, in the Arctic town of Jarp, where the politician died in circumstances that are still unclear.

The announced measures come days after an official visit by the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to China where he asked Beijing “not to help Russia,” by stopping supplying components that could be used in the war against Ukraine.

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, China has maintained an ambiguous stance in which it has asked for respect for “the territorial integrity of all countries”, including Ukraine, and attention for the “legitimate concerns of all countries”, in reference to Russia.

China will take the “necessary” measures

China stated this Thursday that it will take the “measures that are necessary” after the United States announced a wave of sanctions that affect Chinese companies and other countries that help Russia in purchasing components to manufacture weapons for the war in Ukraine.

China urges the United States to stop smearing and restricting China and meaninglessly applying illegal and unilateral sanctions“, declared a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a message sent to AFP.

China will take all necessary measures to resolutely defend the legal rights and interests of Chinese companies”he added.

The United States Treasury Department announced sanctions on Wednesday to curb Russia’s industrial and military capacity that affect 300 entities, including dozens of companies accused of facilitating Russia’s purchase of technology and equipment abroad.

On the blacklist are companies based in China, which faces increasing pressure from the United States after more than 15 months after Russia launched the invasion against the former Soviet republic, Beijing still does not condemn the offensive.

China insisted Thursday that it is not “neither cause nor part“in the crisis in Ukraine and declared that it has the right to establish trade relations”normal” with all countries, including Russia.

With information from EFE and AFP

Source: Gestion

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