The United States House of Representatives has approved a package of 95 billion dollars (about 89 billion euros) of foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, after The bill has remained stalled for months due to the blockade of a group of radical Republican legislators. Each item was voted on independently and the $61 billion for Ukraine (about €57 billion) was approved by 311 bipartisan votes in favor versus 112 against, in a session in which Democrats cheered and waved Ukrainian flags.

Upon approval, Joe Biden celebrated in a statement that lawmakers voted to advance the country’s “national security interests” and to “send a clear message about the power of American leadership on the world stage.” “At this critical turning point, they came together to answer the call of history, passing urgently needed national security legislation that I have fought for for months,” the US president said.

The bill approved this Saturday has remained stalled in the Lower House for months by the blockade of a group of legislators who opposes financing Ukraine. After approval by the House of Representatives, the items must go through the Senate, in which the Democratic Party has a slim majority, although a similar project was approved last February. If approved in the Senate, the bill will be signed into law by President Joe Biden, who had been insisting since October 2023 that Congress approve new financing for Ukraine and Israel.

Despite this, Mike Johnson has refused for months to put to a vote on the foreign aid that Biden requested, because the hardest wing of the Republican Party opposes approving more military aid for Ukraine, a position that the former president has promoted and Republican candidate Donald Trump. However, Iran’s attack on Israel last Saturday put pressure on Johnson to at least advance aid to Israel, the US’ main ally in the Middle East, and which enjoys great support among Republicans.

Zelensky appreciates the help that will prevent the war from “expanding”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed his gratitude for the approval of aid to his country. The “vital” package will now prevent, according to Zelensky, the war from “continuing to expand”, while “will save thousands of lives and will help both nations to be stronger,” the Ukrainian leader wrote on the social network X.

Thus, Zelensky has thanked the gesture to the House of Representatives and “personally” to the president of the Lower House, Republican Mike Johnson. “Democracy and freedom will always have global significance and will never fail as long as America helps protect it,” said the Ukrainian leader.

Furthermore, the political leader has expressed his hope that the aid package will soon receive the green light in the Senate and from there it will go to the desk of his counterpart, Joe Biden, for final approval. “Just peace and security They can only be achieved through strength,” he concluded.

Albares celebrates the “vital” US aid at a crucial moment

Along the same lines, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, has celebrated that the United States House of Representatives has approved “vital” help for Ukraine which, he stressed, comes at a “crucial” moment.

“Everyone together we must support the Ukrainian people and defend freedom and democracy,” said the head of Spanish diplomacy in a message on the X partner network written in Spanish and English.