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What cannot be included in your hand luggage?  The list of prohibited items includes more than just an umbrella

What cannot be included in your hand luggage? The list of prohibited items includes more than just an umbrella

When packing your hand luggage for a plane, you first of all think about having all the most necessary things in it. Some people forget about the rules, which results in stress and problems at the airport. What cannot be transported in hand luggage? Some things are not obvious.

Hand luggage is a bag, backpack or suitcase that we can take on board. Out of necessity, the sizes are small and strictly defined, so we pack only the most necessary things. What can’t you bring on board a plane? The details depend on the rules applicable at airports and airlines, however, there are some items that you cannot bring regardless of who operates the flight and where it takes place. Ignorance or forgetfulness may result in problems during check-in and the need to throw away prohibited items. What cannot be transported in hand luggage?

What cannot be in hand luggage? Not only cosmetics

Anyone who flies regularly knows that liquids in containers larger than 100 ml are not allowed in hand luggage. This applies not only to cosmetics, although there has been talk of lifting the limits for some time. However, these are still valid. However, it’s not just cosmetics that should draw your attention when packing. Always check in advance what you can carry in your hand luggage, what you cannot take on board and what can be included in your checked baggage.

Hand luggage cannot include, for example,… razor blades, matches, high-proof alcohol (above 70 percent) purchased outside the duty-free zone, and even umbrellas with a point. You will not be allowed to bring crochet hooks or knitting needlesso there is no way to make a long flight more pleasant with handicrafts.

Liquids in hand luggage should be packed appropriately. illustration photo, PoppyPixels/ iStock

What can you carry in your hand luggage and what should you take out of it? There are also things that are not obvious

In hand luggage there may be drugs, necessary medical equipment (e.g. insulin pump or blood pressure monitor), clothes, cosmetics (up to 100 ml, but their total volume cannot exceed 1 l), alcohol (up to 100 ml). However, products purchased in the duty-free zone are excluded from capacity limits. You can also easily bring a nail file and nail polish, a laptop, smartphone or tablet, as well as food.

What should you take out of your hand luggage? The list is relatively long and much depends on the airport and airline. You can transport some items in checked baggage, but this may require repacking. If you are traveling with hand luggage only, the prohibited item will have to be in the basket. What won’t you bring on the plane?

  • sharp objects (knives, razors, scissors with blades over 6 cm, razor blades),
  • tools (screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, etc.),
  • firearms,
  • hair dyes,
  • ice axes, ski poles and Nordic walking poles,
  • fireworks,
  • scooters and skateboards,
  • mercury thermometers,
  • syringes and needles (provided that we are talking about medicines and you have an appropriate certificate from a doctor),
  • aerosol paints,
  • magnets.

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