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The US protects an area of ​​Alaska to limit oil exploitation

The US protects an area of ​​Alaska to limit oil exploitation

The government of the American president Joe Biden announced this Friday that it is declaring a region of western Alaska as a protected area to limit the exploitation of Petroleum and gas in this territory.

“My administration is taking action to preserve more than 13 million acres (more than 5.26 million hectares) in the Western Arctic“Biden said in a statement.

AND “will continue to take ambitious measures to address the urgency of the climate crisis, protect the lands and waters of USA and fulfill our responsibility to the next generation of Americans.”he added.

This area is part of what is known as the National Petroleum Reserve, in northwest Alaska. The measure allows for the prohibition of exploitation contracts on millions of hectares.

This region is home to polar and brown bears, reindeer and hundreds of thousands of migratory birds, according to the Department of the Interior, in charge of US federal lands. Local populations hunt or fish for subsistence.

Last year, the government approved a large oil project in Alaska, the Willow, by the American giant ConocoPhillips, unleashing the ire of environmentalists.

Since the Democratic president came to power, the Government “has remained committed to restoring an appropriate balance between protection and development”Interior Minister Deb Haaland said in a statement on Friday.

The measure, which comes days before Earth Day and in the middle of an election year, could help President Biden promote his climate policy, especially among young people.

Environmental organizations have applauded the measure.

In a statement, Mattea Mrkusic, from the Evergreen organization, called it a “necessary step forward” because the Arctic is warming four times faster than the rest of the planet.

“We applaud this phase and call for even bolder measures to keep the fossil fuel industry out of the Arctic, for the sake of the climate and future generations,” declared Jeremy Lieb, a lawyer for the organization Earthjustice.

The Biden administration also announced Friday that it wants to block highway construction in Alaska.

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