The United States has indicated that the defense of Israel against the iranian attacks It was “a real success” in which they had a lot to do with it. “This has been a testament to the strength of the Israeli Army and should make it clear to everyone that they are not alone,” said John Kirby, White House Homeland Security spokesman.

During the last few days, faced with the imminent Iranian response against Israel, the United States dHe decided to reinforce his defense. “We have positioned forces, destroyers and combat squadrons in the region to help Israel defend itself, to prevent it from turning into a broader war,” explained John Kirby.

However, despite public support, it seems that Americans do not want to be involved in a possible cIsraeli counterattack against Iran. According to ‘CNN’, Biden has told Netanyahu that they will not support a military operation against Iran, although they assume that Tel Aviv is free to carry it out if it wants.

“Netanyahu has clearly understood that there is no red line imposed on him from Washington and that leads to a scenario in which the United States can find itself involved in an unwanted dynamic,” warned Jesús Núñez, co-director of the Institute for Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action (IECAH).

A dynamic that can lead to a dangerous escalation of conflict in the Middle East and which arrives after Israel’s bombing of the Iranian Consulate in Syria on April 1.