Isabel Pantoja is on tour for his 50th anniversary as an artist. The tonadillera’s Tour yesterday stopped at the Wizink Center in Madrid, where we saw her sing from ‘Garlochí’ to ‘Enamórate’, her latest release. A Rjourney through half a century of musical career which we also do from the beginning, when a young Isabel Pantoja He began, in 1975, in the world of music.

The tonadillera enjoyed her success and her romance with Paquirri, but in 1984 the bullfighter died and the song ‘Marinero de luzes’, in 1985, made him rise from his ashes. The light returns to illuminate the life of Isabel Pantoja and, in 1989, he once again gave us another of his eternal classics, ‘Se me amor el alma’.

In 2003, love flooded his life again, it was the beginning of his relationship with Julian Muñoz, also with its own soundtrack. A time that ended with a breakup and prison, in which he entered in 2014 to serve a two-year sentence for money laundering.

The artist, like the phoenix, is reborn with a new album in 2020, ‘Enamórate’, a review of 50 years of hits that they will make it eternal.