Iran has kept its promise and launched more than 200 drones and missiles against Israelwhich with the help of the United States and the United Kingdom has repelled The attacks with hardly any damage reported.

Pedro Rodríguez has analyzed the tense situation that is being experienced in the Middle East, highlighting that the success of Israel’s defense allows Netanyahu to “ignore” that the nature of the invisible war that he has been waging for years against Iran has changed and is has converted “in a very visible war.”

Furthermore, he highlighted that it has also allowed him to declare a certain success, when in reality there has been a “defeat” of Israel’s ability to deter its enemies from carrying out an attack.

The professor of International Relations has assured that the fact that Iran has attacked Israel for the first time means “one before and one after”, pointing out that it is not good news for Netanyahu.

On the other hand, Pedro Rodríguez has assured that the regional coalition of countries that Netanyahu is announcing he wants to create. “They are all the Arab countries that are willing to normalize relations with Israel,” he explained, indicating that what has happened in Gaza makes it very difficult for that coalition to materialize.

In this way, the International Relations professor has clarified that what happens in the next few hours will be very important, highlighting that if Israel decides that this matter is not settled, it will demonstrate “the very serious risk of escalation that this conflict has.”