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Macron tells Netanyahu that forcibly displacing Palestinians would be a war crime

Macron tells Netanyahu that forcibly displacing Palestinians would be a war crime

The French president, Emmanuel Macronhe pointed out to the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahuhis opposition to the military offensive in Rafah, at the southern end of the Strip Loopand warned him that the forced displacement of Palestinians would be a “war crime.”

According to the terms used by the Elysée in a statement to explain the telephone conversation between the two leaders, Macron reminded Netanyahu that “the future of Loop “It can only be played within the framework of a future Palestinian State and under the responsibility of the Palestinian Authority.”

The French president described as “unacceptable” both the humanitarian situation in that Palestinian territory and the human result of the military operations that Israel has carried out since the beginning of the war against Hamas on October 7.

He stressed the “absolute urgency” so that a massive influx of humanitarian aid can be “guaranteed in the face of the imminent risk of hunger and the deprivation of the most essential resources imposed on the population of Gaza.”

For this reason, he insisted to the Israeli Prime Minister that he must open without delay “and without conditions” all the land crossings with the Gaza Strip and in particular the Karni one, which should allow the arrival of supplies from Jordan, as well as the port. from Ashdod to supply that territory.

Macron repeated his call for an “immediate and lasting” ceasefire in Gaza and confirmed that France intends to bring the Security Council to the UN a draft resolution to achieve this and to “lay the foundations for a lasting political solution to the conflict.”

In this regard, he recalled France’s traditional position that the only one that responds to Israel’s security needs and the “legitimate aspirations” of the Palestinians is two States and that this implies “the creation of a Palestinian State that includes Gaza”, as well as a commitment by politicians on both sides in favor of peace.

The French head of state also asked Netanyahu to, in this month of religious celebrations, avoid “any measure” that would lead to the situation degenerating in the West Bank and Jerusalem and told him that the ‘status quo’ of the places must be preserved. saints of the city.

He “firmly” condemned, on the other hand, the announcements made by Israel about new colonization plans for the West Bank that are “contrary to international law.”

He noted that France and the European Union have already taken the first measures against settlers who have committed acts of violence against Palestinian civilians and that Paris is considering toughening these sanctions in consultation with its partners.

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