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Russia launches 49 retaliation attacks for Ukrainian incursions into border regions

Russia launches 49 retaliation attacks for Ukrainian incursions into border regions

Russia During the last week, it launched 49 retaliation attacks against the Army of Ukraine due to the Ukrainian incursions in the border regions of Belgorod and Kursk, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported today in its daily war report.

In addition, the Russian command reported that this Friday it carried out a massive combined missile and missile attack. drones against the energy infrastructure, the military industrial complex and areas where Ukrainian soldiers and foreign mercenaries are stationed.

“From March 16 to 22, in response to the bombing of our territories, attempted raids and seizure of Russian border towns, the Russian Armed Forces launched 49 retaliatory strikes with long-range air-based weapons, including missiles. Kinzhal hypersonics and drones”Defense said.

The military department indicated that as a result of the attacks, “decision-making centers of the Ukrainian Army, airfields, weapons repair workshops, warehouses for aerial and nautical drones, supply bases and areas where Ukrainian soldiers and foreign mercenaries were located ”.

Russia It has been reporting daily for several days about the downing of drones and missiles in regions bordering Ukraine, particularly in Belgorod, and has suffered several incursions by Russian volunteer militias fighting on the Ukrainian side.

During the last ten days at least 21 Russian civilians have lost their lives as a result of these attacks.

The Russian command also reported the massive attack launched today with “high-precision and long-range weapons from air, naval and ground locations, as well as drones, against energy targets, the military-industrial complex, railway nodes, arsenals and locations” of troops. Ukrainians.

Defense stated that “the attack affected the operation of companies that manufactured and repaired weapons and ammunition.”

“In addition, foreign war equipment and weapons supplied to Ukraine by the countries of the NATO and the sending of enemy reserves to the front line was frustrated,” the statement added, according to which all objectives were achieved.

Kyiv today denounced the launch of the largest Russian attack against the energy industry with more than 90 missiles and 60 drones.

“The enemy is carrying out the largest recent attack against the Ukrainian energy industry”declared the Energy Minister of the attacked country, German Galushchenko early Friday morning.

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