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Biden and Trump win Michigan primaries, moving closer to a rematch

Biden and Trump win Michigan primaries, moving closer to a rematch

President Joe Biden and the former president donald trump They won the presidential primaries of their respective parties in Michigan on Tuesday, taking another step towards what seems like an imminent rematch between the two.

Biden defeated Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips, his only remaining major challenger in the Democratic primary. But Democrats were also closely monitoring the results of the vote. “uncommitted”as Michigan has become the epicenter of dissatisfied members of Biden’s coalition that led him to win the state — and the presidency — in 2020.

The number of votes “uncommitted” has already surpassed the 10,000 margin by which Trump won the state in 2016, surpassing the goal set by organizers of this year’s protest.

As for Trump, he completed the sweep of the first five states on the Republican primary agenda. His triumph in Michigan over her last remaining rival, former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, came after the former president beat her by 20 percentage points on Saturday in South Carolina, where Haley was governor. Trump’s campaign is seeking to reach the 1,215 delegates needed for the Republican nomination by mid-March.

Both campaign teams are closely following Tuesday’s results in search of more than just an anticipated victory. For Biden, the large number of voters “uncommitted” It could mean he’s in deep trouble with the Democratic base in a state he can’t afford to lose in November.

Trump, meanwhile, has performed poorly among suburban and college-educated voters, and faces a faction within his own party that believes the former president broke the law in one or more of the criminal cases in his against.

Biden had already achieved comfortable victories in South Carolina, Nevada and New Hampshire. The victory in New Hampshire was through a campaign to write his name on the ballot, since he did not formally appear on the ballot after the state broke national party rules by moving ahead of South Carolina, which had been designated as the first state for the Democratic primaries.

Both White House and Biden campaign officials traveled to Michigan in recent weeks to speak with community leaders about the war between Israel and Hamas and the president’s approach to the conflict, but these leaders, together with organizers of the vote campaign “uncommitted”they have not changed their positions.

The campaign, which had been encouraging voters to select “uncommitted” as a way to register objections to his handling of Israel’s ongoing war in Gaza, has been Biden’s most important political challenge in the early contests.

That campaign, which began in earnest just a few weeks ago, has been backed by officials such as Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American woman in Congress.

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