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Grandma always hung bay leaves by the door.  It wasn’t just about the smell

Grandma always hung bay leaves by the door. It wasn’t just about the smell

What does a bay leaf under the pillow do? Does it bring luck? It turns out that for some people it is more than just a spice used in the kitchen. Some people attribute exceptional power to bay leaves. What is it supposed to involve?

Bay leaves are one of the basic spices that we add to meat, bigos or broth. It is also frequently used in cosmetics in the form of bay leaf oil. However, some people attribute much more properties to them. Although there are many superstitions, it is worth approaching them with caution and with a pinch of salt.

Does bay leaf bring luck? In the past, spices were hung near the door in many homes

At my grandmother’s house, a common sight was bay leaves wrapped in string and hung right by the front door. There was always a distinctive smell in the room because of this, but that wasn’t the reason they were there. There is a superstition that placing leaves in this place will protect the household from evil forces. This is to ensure them not only happiness, but also financial prosperity.

What benefits does smoking bay leaves give? Many people still use this treatment to this day

A bay leaf can also be useful if we not only hang it at home, but also put it in our wallet. However, this is not the end of superstitions associated with this popular spice. Another common custom is . For what purpose? So that the oils contained in them purify the air, and at the same time reduce the stress of household members and improve the quality of sleep.

Bay leaf, bay leaves (illustrative photo) Photo vojtech Havlis / Unsplash

Place a few pieces of leaves in a glass container or ashtray and then set them on fire for 10 minutes. You must constantly control the fire so that it does not get out of control. In addition to taking special care, we must make sure that the ritual takes place in a well-ventilated room.

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