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Milei prohibits the use of inclusive language in public administration

Milei prohibits the use of inclusive language in public administration

The Argentine president Javier Milei banned on Tuesday the use of inclusive language and any reference to the gender perspective in public administration documents.

Presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni announced that the government “the proceedings began” to end the practice adopted by the government of the previous president Alberto Fernández (2019-3023). “It will not be possible to use the letter e, the at, the x and avoid the unnecessary inclusion of the feminine in all public administration documents”the official told journalists during his usual press conference.

Before becoming president in December, Milei—who refers to himself as a “anarcho-capitalist libertarian”— called “fight the cultural battle” against him “indoctrination of Marxism”” whom he considers responsible for having coined inclusive language, the “gender ideology” and the “ecological agenda”.

Adorni said that the government is not willing to hold a debate on the use of the language, defended that the grammar of the Spanish language represents all sectors and noted that the announced measure means extending the decision that the Ministry of Defense had already taken in its official documentation.

An order signed by the Minister of Defense, Luis Petri, published the day before maintains that “The Spanish language must be used” under the terms and rules established by the Royal Spanish Academy.

According to the new regulations, formulas such as “sergeant” either “caba” will not be allowed, nor will terms to refer to non-binary identities such as “soldiers” either “soldiers”.

In the region, Argentina was a pioneer country in the use of this language, which some universities enabled since 2017.

Fernández used it publicly on several occasions. “We are little by little making possible what seemed impossible. “The ideal is going to be when we are all and no one cares about people’s sex,” he said on one occasion.

In 2021, the then Argentine president announced the launch of the national identity document for non-binary people.

The Milei government has announced some controversial measures in recent days related to the social sphere: last week it ordered the dismantling of the National Institute against Discrimination because it understood that it was an unnecessary expense.

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