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There’s a new duo in “Dzieñ Dobry TVN” and an immediate blunder.  “It’s going to be a mess”

There’s a new duo in “Dzieñ Dobry TVN” and an immediate blunder. “It’s going to be a mess”

“Dzień Dobry TVN” never ceases to surprise with new ideas. Tuesday’s edition of the program was hosted by a male duo, Damian Micha³owski and Krzysztof Skórzyñski. However, there were some mishaps and mutual insults. What happened on the vision?

The revolution in TVP’s “Pytanie na śnidanie”, in which the entire line-up of hosts changed, inspired competing stations to make changes and experiments. This time, in Tuesday’s edition of TVN, viewers were surprised by a male presenter duo.

Michałowski and Skórzyński hosted “Dzień Dobry TVN” together. That’s how they started the episode

On February 27, 2024, “Dzień Dobry TVN” was hosted exceptionally by Damian Michałowski and , who previously appeared on screen in a duet with Ewa Drzyzga. It all started without any major complications, and the presenters assured that they had prepared a lot of attractions and few surprises for the viewers. – Please do not adjust the receivers, it will be a male duet. We promise that there are no two like three of us! – Skórzyński to the camera.

Michałowski also added a few words from himself, convincing that he and his colleague would be up to the task and take care of every detail of the episode. – Just because there are only guys, it doesn’t mean that our studio will be a mess, burnt pots, disheveled children – he said with a laugh. However, it quickly turned out that not everything could be predicted.

“Good morning TVN”. Michałowski’s mistake on TV. This did not discourage viewers

The hosts were so impressed by their good humor that they finally made a mistake. After a while, when Michałowski announced the news, he forgot or, worse still, did not find out who would be presenting her, and instead of calling his editorial colleague, he mentioned another journalist. – We fly! Speaking of flying, Żaneta will bow to us… No, not Żaneta… – he said embarrassed, which was immediately ridiculed by his on-screen partner, because it was not the above-mentioned Żaneta Rosińska who appeared on the vision, but Bartłomiej Jędrzejak.

The presenter was broadcasting to the studio straight from the Museum of Engineering and Technology in Krakow. In response to his friend’s slip-up, he allowed himself a few jokes. – First you announced a male duet, then a male trio, so my editorial colleague would look beautiful in this set – he ironized, explaining what’s going on with his colleague. – Żaneta is still resting, today we will have a male quartet on “Dzień Dobry TVN”, which rarely happens – he commented, and then moved on to the actual topic. Despite this, the idea of ​​a male host duo appealed to the viewers. One of the entries published on the program’s Instagram was immediately full of comments.

They rock!

They looked great together

Great duo. I would like to ask for more mornings in this combination

Let them stay longer!

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