Jesee Baird was one of the hottest young faces popular and charismatic from Australian Channel 10. Twenty six years, energetic, adventurous,… of soccer former referee and former goalkeeper… He had recently found the love in luke, three years older, flight attendant. Nothing had been heard from them since two Sundays ago, after attending a concert. From Pink, specifically. We now know that shortly afterward they were vvictims of a sordid murder at the hands of a police officer young but “high-ranking.” Apparently a fleeting lover—and spiteful—from the presenter. An “on and off” relationship that broke up definitively two months ago.

“They were not boyfriends, they never went out together,” one of the friends of the murdered couple strives to clarify.

[[H2:Cronología —once días— de un sórdido crimen]]

Last Friday the 16th, agent Beaumont Lamarre-Condon (28 years old) took a regulatory weapon for the weekend with a false pretext. Three days later, Monday the 19th, the neighbors of the murdered couple heard shots at home, but they didn’t report it. That same day, Lamarre rents a van with which he would get rid of the bodies. The next day, the police officer confessed something to a friend, who He also did not report. It was on Wednesday the 21st when the investigation began, after finding bloody belongings in a garbage container (a 5,000 euro watch, a phone, a credit card and clothes). Two days later, the agent delivery, but it is slow to collaborate. It wasn’t until a few hours ago that the bodies were found. half buried in a secluded, wooded area, about 200 kilometers south-west of Sydney.

The New South Wales Police confirmed today that “yes, it was the accused who finally gave us the information and we are quite sure we have located Luke and Jesee.”

Without that confession, they admit, perhaps they would never have found them: they had already combed this zone. As they also admit failures in the custody of weapons regulatory. And it is not the first time that something like this has happened in Australia, that an agent commits a crime with a service weapon drawn inappropriately. Therefore, new protocols and investigations have been announced.

In 2014, this police became known after Lady Gagaduring a concert in Sydney, read aloud, in front of the crowd, a note that Lamarre-Condon had given him about his sexuality and his coming out of the closet. In 2020, already as a police officer in New South Wales, Lamarre-Condon was in the focus of the international press after appearing in a viral video shooting a beggar with a taser who was suspected of having stolen a purse.

The police in the pillory for a crime that has shocked to the country and especially to the LGBT community. So much so that they have been asked to don’t take part in the next Mardi Gras by diversity.