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Alicja Węgorzewska talks about giving in church.  “An altar decorated with flowers requires financial outlays”

Alicja Węgorzewska talks about giving in church. “An altar decorated with flowers requires financial outlays”

Alicja Wêgorzewska is one of those stars who openly and willingly talk about their faith. In the last conversation, the controversial topic of giving in the church was discussed. The singer has a strong opinion on this subject.

has been present on the Polish and European opera stage for years. She also never hid the fact that she was familiar with the Church. In an interview with, she spoke about weekly donations for the collection plate during mass.

Alicja Węgorzewska about giving on the plate during mass

Alicja Wêgorzewska willingly and often discusses the topic of faith. This attachment to the Church helped her in the most difficult times. In moments of crisis, the singer recites, for example, the Pompeian Novena. Faith is extremely important to her:

I like the moment of stopping and praying in my life. Prayer is always a positive expression of thoughts. If we pray, we ask for good, we never ask for evil. This is a very important element of prayer. If we have the strength to believe, we also have the strength to express it, she said in a recent conversation with Pomponik.

She also touched on the topic of giving donations in the collection plate during the weekly mass. Some people feel pressure to give an amount above some unwritten minimum, others consistently avoid the gaze of the clergyman collecting the money. Węgorzewska assumes that you give as much as you can:

The tray is optional. If we agree to this, let’s pay the offering in the tray. If not, then no, but I like the fact that when I come to church, the altar is decorated with flowers, that someone takes care of it all, and this requires – let’s be honest – resources and financial outlays – she concluded rationally.

In the weekly “Niedziela”, the artist said that she found comfort in faith. “We also, just like today, experienced hate and harassment because of our faith. Nevertheless, I knew that testimony was important. I did not suddenly become a devout believer. As a teenager, I went to the oases in Krośnienka, I went on pilgrimages. When I was 16 years ago in Szczecin, we founded an oasis group,” she said.

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