The French president, Emmanuel Macron, stated this Monday that we must prepare for an attack from Russia in the coming years and has stressed that the regime of Vladimir Putin can’t win the war in ukraine.

“The collective analysis is that in a few years we must prepare for Russia to attack” one of the attending countries, the French leader stated when opening a conference in Paris to support Ukraine, in which twenty-one heads of State and Government participate and ministers from five other nations.

Most of them have traveled to the French capital leaders of European countriesas the president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchezor the German chancellor, Olaf Scholzbut representatives have also arrived from the United States and Canada.

The French leader has urged Ukraine’s allies to give a “push” in supporting the country, at a time when the Russian offensive has hardened on the ground, and has highlighted the “determination” of the West so that Russia “does not take away this conflict.”

But the position of the regime Putin has also toughened up at the domestic policy levelMacron recalled, something “that has unfortunately been illustrated by the death of Alexei Navalny“, the Russian opponent who recently died in prison. “We all agree that we do not want to go to war with the Russian people,” Macron also noted, not forgetting to emphasize the idea that we must “ensure our collective security today and tomorrow.”

The challenges are not only on the military level, but also on other levels, such as cybersecurity and information. Macron has also congratulated Sweden because it will be able to join NATO after the Hungarian Parliament voted yes to his entry this Monday.

Although he was not present in person in Paris, the Ukrainian president also spoke at the opening of the conference, Volodymyr Zelensky, with a message recorded on video in which he thanked Macron for holding this event and the support of all allies. “Together we have already saved millions of lives and together We must ensure that Putin cannot destroy our achievements and that it cannot expand its aggression to other countries,” the Ukrainian leader has asked.

After the opening, the leaders They will talk behind closed doors for several hours and they will share a work dinner. The closing of the event will be a press conference by Macron that is scheduled for 9:30 p.m., although Elysée sources specified this Sunday that the meeting would last as long as necessary to discuss the issues on the table.

The primary objective of this forum, which has been prepared in just a few days after Zelensky’s visit to Paris on February 16 and the subsequent Munich Security Conference, is to give a message of unity and deny that support for Kyiv has declined after two years of conflict.