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Venezuela collects debt of US$ 500 million for supplying oil to Haiti

Venezuela collects debt of US$ 500 million for supplying oil to Haiti

The government of Venezuela reported this Friday that it collected a debt of US$ 500 million for the supply of oil to Haitiwithout clarifying when he sent these hydrocarbonsa the poorest nation in America or if the payment was made directly by this Caribbean country.

In a statement, the Executive expressed its satisfaction with the completion “of the process of recovery and collection of a debt”derived from the supply of crude oil through Petrocaribe, an oil acquisition program between Venezuela and several Caribbean countries that was founded in 2005 and was suspended in 2019.

“All international financial agencies classified the debt in question as uncollectible, given the complex economic situation and non-payment that Haiti has been experiencing for several years. “These agencies had even requested its condonation, in response to the humanitarian crisis facing that country,” the writing says.

However, Caracas celebrated having managed to “recover the resources that belong to the Venezuelan people”, which, he announced, will be used to finance social programs recently announced by President Nicolás Maduro to support women, youth and disadvantaged sectors.

“With this operation, Venezuela takes another step on the path of obtaining the necessary financial resources to continue advancing in the progressive recovery of the welfare state achieved by the Bolivarian revolution before the start of the aggression,” concludes the statement, referring to international sanctions.

In mid-2023, the Maduro Government expressed its intention to reactivate Petrocaribe, an alliance that contemplated flexible prices and payment facilities, counting on crude oil from Venezuela, which has the largest proven reserves in the world.

The Caribbean Community (Caricom) unanimously asked the United States to eliminate the sanctions imposed on Venezuela, to allow the countries of the region to benefit from this mechanism.

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