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Grab the stopwatch and look at the picture.  How long do you need to find the hidden 4?

Grab the stopwatch and look at the picture. How long do you need to find the hidden 4?

How much time do you need to find elements that don’t match in the picture? This time there are several fours hidden among the letters “A”. Can you point out all of them? Test your observation skills and solve the editorial puzzle.

Perception puzzles are unflaggingly popular, and we can find many of them on the Internet. They take various forms, and often it is a search for an element that does not fit. See if you can find all the fours lost among the letters “A”.

Why is it worth solving puzzles? Exercise your mind and perceptiveness

and perceptiveness tests are a simple way to have some fun and at the same time exercise your mind. By solving them regularly, you will quickly notice how many things you have not seen before. Depending on the difficulty level they may take a few seconds or several days. They usually involve pointing out an element that doesn’t match others, finding differences between two graphics or photos, or finding lost items. Often, these are not just still images, but even entire games for phones or computers, which are becoming increasingly popular. This time your task is to discover how many fours are hidden in the graphic. Take a stopwatch and check how much time you need. Just don’t scroll too far down, because you’ll find the answer at the bottom.

A simple perceptive puzzle. Grab the stopwatch

There is no shortage of all kinds of puzzles on the Internet that are designed to encourage us to think longer or look for incongruous elements. Some can cause a lot of confusion and spark heated discussions in the comments. The more difficult or trickier it is, the more emotions they evoke. This time you don’t need many hours of reflection or recalling the basics of mathematics. All you need is a moment of concentration and a thorough look at the picture, so grab a stopwatch and try, and when you’re done, verify whether you found every number. You will find the answer below.

How many fours do you see in the picture? Answer How many fours do you see in the picture? Answer. Photo Editorial staff

How many fours are hidden in the picture? Find out the answer

As you can see, they are hidden in the graphic three fours. How long did it take you to find them all? The best ones take less than 10 seconds. If it didn’t go so well for you, don’t worry and remember that practice makes perfect. All you need to do is practice yours regularly and you won’t miss anything. Good luck!

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