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Ukrainians seek normality after two years of war

Ukrainians seek normality after two years of war

Two years after the dawn of February 24, when the war between Russia and Ukraine, Ukrainians have been adapting to try to return to normality in the midst of the tragedy. Although alerts still arrive about the arrival of enemy drones or missiles, in some Ukrainian cities their residents continue with their daily chores.

Although the Government application and specialized Telegram channels continually warn of the risks of a drone or missile landing in their area, many ukrainians They decide to ignore the authorities’ recommendation to go down to the air raid shelters to avoid spending several hours a day waiting in an underground metro station or in the basements that many residential buildings have.

desire to live

The will to live is more important than ever in a context of war in which all Ukrainians have lost family and friends, have loved ones on the front or suffer first-hand internal displacement or the traumatic experience of combat.

In the country’s large cities, bars, restaurants and dance clubs continue to operate with hours adapted to the curfew.

Behind this image of frivolity that the pro-Russians take advantage of on the networks to discredit Ukrainethere are countless personal tragedies hidden by people who want to continue being masters of their destiny and are not willing to stop laughing, having fun and getting ready.

People need to be excited and feel nice things, not just cry and suffer“, the guide and cultural disseminator of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, Max Rozenfeld, tells EFE.

On February 10, Rosenfeld personally experienced the inner conflict caused by the intersection between the impulse to move forward and the deeper pain that all Ukrainians face every time the horrors of war touch them closely.

That Saturday, the cultural activist gave a lecture on the future of Kharkov to an “enthusiastic” audience of over a hundred people, in which historical, sociological, urban planning and cultural elements intermingled.

About four hours after the event, in which there was a magnificent atmosphere, we learned of the death that same day in the city of five people from the same family when their house burned down due to the impact of a Russian drone on a fuel tank.”Rosenfeld recalls.

At that moment I asked myself if I had the right to organize events like this in the midst of this type of drama.“, Explain.

Maintain traditions

Another Ukrainian city particularly affected by Russian attacks is Odessa. Business consultant Alexei Sandakov celebrated the New Year with friends in an apartment they had rented for the occasion in this Black Sea port.

“A Shahed (kamikaze drone) hit a nearby apartment, and it took us a half hour to gather ourselves and continue with the celebration; I think it is a good image of how people experience what Russia does with its drones and missiles,” the consultant tells EFE.

(With information from the EFE agency).

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