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Google suspends the creation of images of people with the help of AI after error

Google suspends the creation of images of people with the help of AI after error

Google announced that it will discontinue a service to create images of people using artificial intelligence (IA), after the show depicted Nazi-era troops as people of various ethnic backgrounds.

The American technology giant had launched a new improved version of its program on February 8 in some countries Geminibut now acknowledged that it will have to “fix recent problems” with the imaging function.

“We are suspending the generation of images of people and will soon re-release an improved version,” the company said in a statement.

Two days ago an X user (previously Twitter) published images of the result that Gemini offered after receiving instructions to “generate an image of a German soldier from 1943.”

The AI ​​had generated four images of soldiers: one was white, one was black and two were women of color, according to the user. x named John L.

Technology companies see the AI as the future for everything from search engines to smartphone cameras.

But AI programs, not just those produced by Google, have been widely criticized for perpetuating racial bias in their results.

“@GoogleAI has an added diversity mechanism that someone didn’t design very well or test,” wrote John L on X.

Big tech companies have often been accused of releasing AI products before they are properly tested and Google has a spotty track record in launching AI products.

The company apologized a year ago after an advertisement for its Bard chatbot recently released will show the program incorrectly answering a basic question about astronomy. (With information from AFP)

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