“We will find him and punish him. For treason and for betrayal of his brothers, brothers with whom he served.” Thus, without directly saying his name, Russian soldiers referred on television to the direct order to kill to Maxim Kuzminovthe Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine last August and whose body was found gunned down in the Alicante town of Villajoyosa last February 13.

Those who spoke to the camera, hiding their faces, were soldiers from the Russian special forces, who proclaimed on Russian public television in October, two months after Kuzminov defected, that hunting it down was a matter of time: “He won’t come back [a Rusia] to be judged, I don’t think. He won’t survive“.

“Whatever happens, we will punish you for such acts“, added another soldier. They considered Kuzminov’s betrayal to be unforgivable: “How can you let something like that happen? We can’t let this go,” they said.

Former Russian president Dmitri Medvedev, current vice president of the Kremlin Security Council, assured a few days ago in a meeting with journalists that Kuzminov has gotten what he deserved. “A dog is killed like a dog”he sentenced.

The young man, 28 years old, appeared dead in Villajoyosa only nine days ago, but his identity did not emerge until this week. The Civil Guard was investigating what happened as a settling of accounts, since the victim received half a dozen bullet wounds on the garage ramp of a residential area in the town and, according to eyewitnesses, later the vehicle in which the murderers fled passed by. on top of it.