The necessary humanitarian aid is not reaching the Gaza Strip, which is causing a lack of food in the area and increasing malnutrition among children.

Unicef ​​has denounced that there are thousands of minors consumed by hunger and diseases to which the Israeli siege is condemning them, dying at an unbearable rate. According to reports, 325,000 Gazans under 5 years of age are at risk of severe malnutrition.

The situation is so desperate that a girl has even asked to go with her deceased father so “she can eat bananas and apples.”

More than 90% of Gaza children only eat once a day, hopefully twice. ‘Medglobal’ doctor Mustafa Awad assures that “they do not ingest vitamins, proteins or healthy fats.” They take what they catch from the street. They search in the garbage, collect flour mixed with sand that falls from deliveries or resort to animal food.

Experts warn of the long-term consequences this can have. This malnutrition among the little ones causes them to become victims of dangerous diseases. In fact, 10,000 minors could die in the next few days alone if food shortages do not ease.