The Swiss national postal service, considered in some rankings the best in the world, has lost the ashes of an Italian He died last year in the Central European country and that his mother wanted to repatriate to the family’s homeland in Sicily, the Swiss press reported today.

According to the German newspaper Blick, the family of the deceased opted for him to be cremated in Swiss territory and negotiated with the crematorium to send the ashes by certified mail by mail in October 2023.

The shipment tracking system indicates that it arrived in Utdorf, on the outskirts of Zurich, but from there all traces are lost, said the mother, who along with the rest of the family has been complaining to the post office since November.

In December, the Swiss postal service sent a message to the mother acknowledging that, after a long search, it had been fruitless, so They considered such a sensitive shipment lost and they proposed compensating the family with 563 francs (almost 600 euros). Something that has not pleased the mother, who demands that the Swiss post office not stop the search.

“We are not interested in money and it seems unacceptable to us that the investigations have stopped, someone must have seen something, and a certified package does not disappear just like that“said the Sicilian, whose story has reached Italian television. The family has turned to a lawyer, who has acknowledged that it will be difficult to take the Swiss postal service to court, whose policy regarding lost shipments is well protected legally.