Accompanied by Israeli soldiers we entered the main headquarters of the UNRWA in the Gaza Strip,the UN agency which manages schools, social services, primary care clinics and distributes humanitarian aid in that territory.

Israel claims that the Hamas communications center was hidden under the building. Because they denounce that “one of the central intelligence commands” is located here and where the group’s servers are located. In this infrastructure 20 meters deep and with tunnels distributed over half a kilometer.

We want all international organizations to work in Gaza. That is not a problem. Our problem is Hamas“says a member of the Israeli army.

They maintain that Hamas uses civilians as human shields and show on a map how “the tunnel entrance” is located near “a school”; and that the Israeli plan is clear: eliminate any threat.

Images with which they want to discredit the UNRWA, to which they ask to cut off the financing. The UN agency assures that they left the building 3 months ago due to the continuous attacks and that the information distributed by Israel deserves an independent investigation which Israel refuses.