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China eliminates some COVID-19 customs requirements when entering the country

China eliminates some COVID-19 customs requirements when entering the country

The General Administration of Customs of China announced Thursday in a statement that cross-border travelers will no longer be required to report certain information related to COVID-19, such as test results or previous infections, when passing through customs upon arrival at the country.

International travelers planning to enter China They will still have to deliver the tests and other data related to the disease to the Asian country’s embassies abroad before boarding the flights.

China maintains a strict zero tolerance policy against COVID-19but has recently taken measures to facilitate international travel and make it less burdensome, such as shortening quarantine periods for travelers entering the country.

The news comes the day after Chinese embassies in several countries around the world announced that they will once again grant student visas to those admitted by universities in the Asian country after more than two years.

Like all people who enter China Currently, students who return to the Asian giant will have to remain in a quarantine of at least seven days in a hotel at their own expense and designated by the authorities.

For now, the country remains closed to international tourism.

In South Korea, environmentalists have filed a lawsuit demanding emissions reductions. Parents are suing the Government, claiming that the country needs to reduce pollution to ensure the well-being of the next generation.

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