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Science is on the eve of a renaissance thanks to AI, according to Pfizer

Science is on the eve of a renaissance thanks to AI, according to Pfizer

The science is on the eve of entering a period of “rebirth” gthanks to the artificial intelligencewhich accelerates research and allows for faster results, said today the CEO of the pharmaceutical company PfizerAlbert Bourla.

“I truly believe that we are about to enter a scientific renaissance in the life sciences due to the coexistence of advances in technology and biology”he said in a debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos about the rise of artificial intelligence in a world that is going through multiple turbulences.

“Right now, our job is to make advances with artificial intelligence that change the lives of patients, it can be done faster and better”he stated in the talk, in which he shared the stage with the founder of the company Open AI, Sam Altman, seen as the current great figure of the technological revolution.

Bourla, whose company developed one of the first two vaccines used to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, commented on the experience of a pill against this disease that Pfizer recently developed in just four months, “when it usually takes four years.”

He explained that what is happening in the world of biopharmaceuticals is that “to drug design, rather than drug discovery,” thanks to algorithms.

Traditionally, laboratories synthesize millions of molecules to try to discover with the most advanced technology which one works, but now, instead of making three million molecules, 600 are made.

“And we do it using enormous computational power and algorithms that help us design the molecules most likely to be successful”commented to illustrate the use of artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry.

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