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Mass demonstrations in Poland to defend the continuity of the country in the European Union

A Constitutional Court ruling has recently declared the prevalence of Polish law over European law, which has fueled tension between the ultra-conservative Polish government and the European Commission.

Hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated this Sunday in a hundred cities in Poland in defense of its European character and against a possible exit from the European Union (polexit). All of this has come in a week in which the Constitutional Court has ruled that the Constitution of Poland prevails over European justice. The leader of the opposition and former president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, was one of those in charge of carrying out the call for protest in more than 100 Polish cities.

The most massive event has been that of the capital, Warsaw, where Donald Tusk has addressed the crowd to denounce that “a group of people dressed in judge’s clothes, have violated the Polish Constitution by order of the president of the ruling party, to remove our homeland from the European Union.”

The Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration dthe polish government, Blazej Pobozy, has stated that calling a demonstration in the historic heart of the Polish capital is “a disgusting provocation”.

Since the controversial ruling of the Constitutional Court the tension between Poland and the European Union has risen. In recent days, the Polish Government has reaffirmed the preeminence “of constitutional law to any other source of law”, but they have denied their intention to leave the 27.

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