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“Green Nobel” will recognize environmental work in the Amazon rainforest

“Green Nobel” will recognize environmental work in the Amazon rainforest

Alfred Nobel’s great-grandnephew offers a prize “Green Nobel”outside the Nobel Foundation, to the environmental defenders of the Amazon jungle.

Marcus Nobel, a Swedish-American businessman based in Portland, Oregon, has established this annual environmental award to highlight projects that help preserve and sustain the rainforest and protect its biodiversity.

The United Earth Amazonia Award will be presented in June to six winners at the 130-year-old Manaus Opera House. The financial award of the prize has yet to be decided, according to the organizers.

“Raising awareness is very important for us.”Nobel said in an interview. His NGO, Tierra Unida, is dedicated to promoting a humanity that lives in peace with itself and with Nature.

The award, intended to give visibility to exceptional environmental contributions, was awarded for the first time last year, without a financial award. The scope of the award in 2024 will expand to include Brazil’s neighboring nations that share the rainforest.

A five-meter statue of a globe representing the award will be erected on the banks of the Negro River in Manaus, as a symbol of the city’s commitment to protecting the Amazon rainforest, the mayor’s office reported.

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