Half naked, sitting on the floor in rows of four and with their heads bowed. They are on a street in the north of the Gaza Strip and there are at least 100 Palestinian menIn theory, all of them over 15 years old. They were arrested and forced to strip down to their underwear to be searched by the Israeli armybut they were previously transferred in an inhumane manner, all piled up in the back of a military truck.

According to Israel all are suspected of being involved in terrorist activities. However, these arrests appear indiscriminate and random. “We investigate who is related to Hamas and who is not. We arrested them all and interrogated them,” said Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israeli army.

In fact, a Qatari media outlet has identified one of its correspondents among those detained. CNN also claims that it has verified that some of the men sitting there They are civiliansunrelated to any military group.

For its part, the United Nations has reacted to these images broadcast on Israeli television. They say that the images are very worryingsince this is an attack on human dignity.