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This mascara gives the effect of false eyelashes.  Now it’s on sale.  “A hit for a few zlotys”

This mascara gives the effect of false eyelashes. Now it’s on sale. “A hit for a few zlotys”

Mascara is one of the most important make-up cosmetics for many of us. Are you looking for a cheap and good product of this type? Here are two drugstore offers that we think are worth getting to know. We also tell you how to paint your eyelashes to achieve the best effect.

Mascara is, according to many people, one of the most important makeup products. A good product of this type not only lengthens and thickens the eyelashes, but also prevents them from falling off. Importantly, such cosmetics do not have to be expensive. In recent years, many great products have appeared on drugstore shelves that are as good as much more expensive products.

Cheap mascara that gives the effect of false eyelashes

Our first proposition is Delia brand mascara – New Look, 3D Lashes Mascara. Its price usually ranges from PLN 13 to PLN 22. This cosmetic has been extremely popular for years. According to the manufacturer, it gives our eyelashes a deep black color, lengthening, separating and adding volume to them. “A hit for a few zlotys”, “The best and cheap”, “It thickens the eyelashes very nicely and separates them beautifully. It does not fall off and does not dry quickly. I highly recommend it” – write satisfied users on the website.

Drugstore mascara. A cheap cosmetic gem

One of the most popular cosmetics in Polish drugstores is the False Definition 4d thickening and separating mascara by Eveline Cosmetics. The price of this product usually does not exceed PLN 20. It is worth mentioning that we can currently buy it at a promotional price in Hebe drugstores. Its price is only PLN 11. As the manufacturer assures:

It perfectly highlights, maximally thickens and elegantly separates your eyelashes, creating a unique effect of surprising volume. Extremely flexible toothbrush!

Eyelash makeup – how to get the best effect? Remember this

It turns out that by painting your eyelashes in the right way, you can achieve surprising results. And what is very important, we probably do not need to buy new cosmetics. Apart from mascara, we use two other makeup products. It’s a loose powder and concealer.

First, we apply a thin layer of concealer to the eyelashes. This product will act as a base that lengthens and thickens the hair. Then we sprinkle some powder onto the stand. Dip the mascara brush in it and place it again in the mascara packaging. Finally, we apply mascara as usual. Remember to distribute the product from the roots to the ends, using a rotating movement that will enhance the lengthening effect.

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