The United States seeks to fight the fentanyl ‘epidemic’ through a shock plan that they have called “strike force” to reinforce the fight against this drug. The plan includes two ways: financially strangle the traffickers so that they do not bleach and prevent fentanyl from reaching. In this second case, it is worth remembering that the chemical elements of fentanyl are manufactured in China, but they are not brought into the United States, but rather into Mexico and reach the country through drug cartels.

This Monday the North American country announced this “attack force” against fentanyl trafficking in the country , which mobilizes resources from the Treasury Department and will be directed by its Criminal Investigation division and the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI). US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a statement that fighting the deadly flow of fentanyl into the country ““It’s a priority.” for which your department will use all the tools at its disposal.

This new force, according to TFI Undersecretary Brian Nelson, will act quickly and decisively with top-level specialists “to respond quickly to the most recent threats.” The co-president of that entity, Jim Lee, recalled that the Treasury has already played a crucial role in sanctioning individuals and companies involved in the trafficking of this powerful opioid, responsible for more than 100,000 deaths annually in the country.

The Treasury has considered that by aligning “strategically” The investigations and information of the main components involved will force “increase the financial impact” of the measures already adopted against this illicit trade. The new force will take advantage of the skills and experience of the Treasury Department and its staff to identify and counteract financial crimes related to that drug, and will promote the objectives of the Joe Biden Administration in this regard, such as attacking the supply chain or collaborating with Mexico. and Canada in that fight.

Since Biden signed an executive order authorizing sanctions against foreigners in December 2021 involved in this traffic 250 have already been imposed on people and companies, with particular attention to the supply chain.