Young people are committed with climate action and almost half of them admit that concern about the climate affects their daily lives. Therefore, facing the COP28 Dubai Climate Summit they rebel and ask real changes and measures. This is the case of Carlos Bueno, 21 years old, who has swept mudflats caused by Danas, cleaned contaminated beaches and denounced the damage that the fashion industry causes to the environment. Now he asks the end of burning fossil fuels.

Carlos is a Greenpeace volunteer and assures that he wants to “transform this concern” about fossil fuels “into a positive feeling”: “That is, it is what it makes me move“. A feeling he shares with Carmen Carreño, 20, a Biology student and Fridays for Future activist. He channels his concern for the future of the planet through street protest. “It’s true that it gives a little of anxiety to see how the situation is in the world, where we are going and what measures are being taken, which are few,” says Carmen.

Young people are the most committed to climate action. And not only because the future belongs to them, but because they are the main victims. Above all, those who live in countries with fewer resources. Where the climate crisis is devastating. Julia López, the person in charge of Political Advocacy for the International Plan, warns of “droughts, floods, extreme weather phenomena” caused by climate change. Furthermore, she points out that these consequences “destroy school infrastructure, make routes to school inaccessible and girls stop going to school.”

The study of your organization reveals that 12 and a half million girls will drop out every year the school because of it. “Women and girls represent 80% of climate refugees“, details Julia López. That is why young people rebel, they ask for real action. “What we are looking for is not only the end of subsidies for fossil fuels, but the total end of fossil fuels”, adds Carlos Bueno. Meanwhile, Carmen Carreño says: “If we continue fighting for this and putting pressure and real measures are taken, yes we can get to something better“.

Young people, thus, stage their commitment to a better future also in Dubai. Their protest is peaceful, but the message could not be more forceful.