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Peru teaches the gastronomy of the Amazon in Morocco

Peru teaches the gastronomy of the Amazon in Morocco

The ‘VI Peruvian Gastronomic Festival’, focused in this edition on the Amazon with a tasting menu by chef Luis Arévalo, will take place this Thursday in Rabat organized by the Peruvian Embassy in Morocco.

“The charm of the Peruvian jungle brought to the kitchen: Discovering Amazonian gastronomy” is the title of the 2023 edition of this festival, which will be held until next Sunday in the Moroccan capital.

The menu that Arévalo, owner of the Gaman restaurant in Madrid, will present will consist of “emblematic dishes of Amazonian cuisine, which will take the diner on a journey of flavors and new products to discover the best kept secrets of the region.” gastronomy of the junglethe Embassy reported.

Amazonian gastronomy has become “a great tourist attraction and is a living representation of the collective heritage of the diverse cultures of the jungle that contributes to promoting respect for cultural diversity and human creativity,” he added.

The tasting will take place at the Fairmont hotel in Rabat, where a photographic exhibition by Amazonian artist David Díaz, winner of the 2022 Luces Award for the best photography exhibition, will also be exhibited, and where the life of the Shipibo-Konibo community can be appreciated.

In addition, during the three days that the festival will last, exhibitions of various traditional dances will be held by award-winning dancers in Peru and Europe.

Source: Gestion

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