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Up to PLN 220 per hour.  This is how much you can earn before Christmas, although there are fewer offers

Up to PLN 220 per hour. This is how much you can earn before Christmas, although there are fewer offers

Before Christmas, shops and shopping malls are under siege. There is often a shortage of workers, so this is the perfect time to improve your household budget. Where is the best place to apply to earn the most?

The pre-Christmas shopping rush is the perfect opportunity to earn extra money. At the end of November and at the beginning of December, there are many offers of part-time work on advertising websites. They mainly concern trade and logistics. Although there are fewer of them than last year, they are still very popular among Poles.

Work before Christmas. How much can you earn?

This year the craze started on November 24. – The beginning of the wave is Black Friday, and then by Christmas Eve we are almost fully booked in stores. Hands are needed for selling, distributing goods, packing goods and simply additional people to serve customers – said Anna Sudolska, IDEA HR Group labor market expert, in an interview with the portal.

The offers are very similar to last year. You can work in a gallery as a Saint. Santa Claus or a hostess, work as a gift wrapper or in the production of Christmas decorations, or as a Christmas tree or carp seller. You can earn the most as a Saint. Santa Claus. You will then receive up to PLN 220 net per hour of work.

Part-time job in a shopping mall Photo Artur Kubasik / Agencja

Part-time job before the holidays. Sample rates per hour

The retail rate in a shopping mall ranges from PLN 25 to PLN 35 net per hour. You can earn PLN 25-27 per hour when selling Christmas trees, and PLN 30 or more when selling carp. The final rate often depends on the number of hours you are able to work. – I have already seen examples of companies offering higher rates if someone declared their availability throughout December, six days a week – added Sudolska. However, there are fewer job offers than last year. – The rates have obviously increased because wages in general in the economy are higher, but in general there are fewer offers of additional employment during Christmas – admitted Krzysztof Inglot, a labor market expert.

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