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New York authorities rule out terrorist motive in vehicle explosion

New York authorities rule out terrorist motive in vehicle explosion

The governor of the state of NYKathy Hochul, and the head of counterterrorism of the NYPD, Rebecca Weiner, ruled out that the crash and subsequent burst of a vehicle a few hours ago on a bridge near Niagara Falls I had a cell phone terrorist.

“Based on what we know at this time, and I repeat that everything can change, there are no signs of terrorist activity regarding this crash”said Hochul, who wanted to convey a message of “calm”.

For his part, Weiner, in a press conference about security at the Thanksgiving parade in the Big Apple, asked about the matter, stated that several agencies are in communication about the matter and settled: “At this time we see no signs of terrorism.”

The explosion occurs on the eve of Thanksgiving, one of the biggest holidays on the American calendar that leads millions of people to travel to spend it with their families.

The Rainbow Bridge, one of the busiest crossings between Canada and the United States, has 16 lanes and is typically open 24 hours a day, according to U.S. Customs.

According to employees of restaurants and hotels near Niagara Falls, the greatest attraction in the region and one of the largest in the two countries, numerous police vehicles were parked on the access roads to Rainbow Bridge, but there was no great display. visible in the city.

Due to this event, Niagara Falls State Park was closed until further notice.

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