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Who are the women who surround Milei, the next Argentine president?

Who are the women who surround Milei, the next Argentine president?

From her all-powerful sister and guru to her candidate for vice president, including her personal makeup artist or her girlfriend – a popular impersonator of the former president. Cristina Fernandez-, the particular feminine universe that surrounds the next Argentine president, Javier Mileiprovokes disbelief and fascination in the country.

Comparable to the cast of a Pedro Almodóvar film, the extravagant ‘troupe’ of women that accompany the leader of La Libertad Avanza (ultra-right), Karina Milei, Victoria Villarruel, Lilia Lemoine and Fátima Flórez, has raised all kinds of speculation and controversies.

However, the Argentine feminist movement has insisted that the economist’s ideas endanger the rights of women and, therefore, those of the entire society. However, despite the constant accusations against him of misogyny and machismo, his closest circle is made up mainly of women.

1. Karina Milei, the sister

(Photo: chronicle)

For his brother it’s ‘The boss‘, since she was the guru of the La Libertad Avanza campaign; She has been compared to Isabel Perón, former Argentine president (1974-1976) and widow of General Juan Domingo Perón, and to Kim Yo-jong, the sister of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

A graduate in Public Relations and a tarot fan, she is 51 years old – two years younger than her brother – and has become his main advisor and confidant, to the point that her brother joked that she could become his “first lady” -before his relationship with Flórez became known-.

His figure was involved months ago in an alleged sale of candidates in the interior provinces of the country, a case that is being investigated by Justice.

2. Victoria Villarruel, the next vice president

(Photo: diffusion)
(Photo: diffusion)

The current deputy has been accused of “denialist” of the last Argentine military dictatorship (1976-1983), after refuting on several occasions the figure of 30,000 missing persons, accepted by human rights organizations.

Daughter of the late Lieutenant Colonel Eduardo Marcelo Villarruel, who participated in the so-called Operation Independence, deployed in 1975 and considered the beginning of repression, this lawyer founded the Center for Legal Studies on Terrorism and its Victims (CELTYV) in 2006.

This association has organized numerous tributes to the “victims of left-wing terrorism of the seventies, carried out by the guerrillas People’s Revolutionary Army (ERP, communist ultra-left) and Montoneros (Peronist left).”

According to Milei, he will assume the areas of Security and Defense in his cabinet.

3. Lilia Lemoine, the makeup artist and elected representative

(Photo: Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram)

‘Influencer‘, scourge of feminism, supporter of flat earth theories and follower of ‘cosplay’ -an activity widely practiced in Japan that consists of dressing up as the most popular characters in the world of manga, anime or comics-, Lilia Lemoine is the creator of Milei’s image.

Elected deputy, she is in charge of outlining the future president’s face to enhance his features and retouching his characteristic hairstyle.

During the campaign he made provocative statements, such as the interview in which he expressed his desire to promote a bill so that men “they can renounce paternity” if their sexual partners “they click” condoms or his recent threat to a journalist with the loss of her job due to the privatization of public media that Milei will promote.

4. Fátima Flórez, the bride

(Photo: La Nación)
(Photo: La Nación)

The latest to join Milei’s universe is her current partner, a popular television face known for her imitations of very popular figures in Argentina, but especially of former president Cristina Fernández (2007-2015), current vice president.

“We’re right for each other”commented, smiling, the comedian during the couple’s visit to the historic interview program of nonagenarian Mirtha Legrand, a true television event, because it was the first time they spoke in public about themselves and on the same program in which they met. .

Flórez and Milei made their relationship public last August and, since then, there have been no shortage of rumors about whether it is a setup.

Previously, Milei was only known to be in a relationship at the age of 47 or 48. On the other hand, her “little four-legged children”as he calls them, his four mastiff dogs, clones of his deceased first pet and emotional totem, Conan.

Although at the close of the October campaign he played a prominent role, greeting the crowd with an affected gesture that referred to that of Eva Perón ‘Evita’, he later kept a discreet background to the point that Milei was questioned about the relationship in one of his last interviews.

“Fátima is there, she is next to my sister. There are my praetorians. Look if she’s (everything) fine, she’ll put up with me (she’ll put up with it) talking about politics“, stated the then candidate and, since December 10, the next Argentine president.

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