Standard bearer of the so-called capitalist libertarians, the winner of the elections in Argentina, Javier Milei, has focused the campaign on pointing out traditional politics and its ruling class, which he defines as caste, as mainly responsible for the ills of their country. Milei leaves no room for doubt in his plans, and has already made it clear that if it were up to him he would reduce the role of the State to the point of justifying voting against a law that detects congenital heart disease in babies before birth because it would mean more public spending.

“I am a libertarian liberal, philosophically, I am a market anarchist,” he once said. Thus, Milei wanted to become president to destroy the government structure. For him, the State is his enemy. For this reason, he also warned of his intention to eliminate the Ministry of Education, considering it a method of “indoctrination.” And his entire ideology is based on the wildest liberalism: is considered “anarcho-capitalist” in theory and “ultraliberal” and “minarchist” in practice.

He defends dollarizing the economy, he is in favor of weapons and the purchase of organs. Likewise, he has advocated on many occasions for eliminate public health, or at least greatly reduce the State’s intervention in it. In relation to the drug issue he has also been as clear as he is controversial: “For me, if you want to get high, do whatever you want.. Get high, do whatever you want. As long as I don’t have to pay the bill. Because who am I to get involved in what he does with his life.”

He says he’s no one to interfere in other people’s lives, but When it comes to a woman’s, things change. Because the far-right candidate is against abortion. And all Argentine women, who have fought for years and have managed to decriminalize abortion, may now lose this right with their victory. Because, contrary to what he exposes in many other areas, he believes that women’s freedom to choose about their bodies is false, and he understands that abortion is murder. Furthermore, if it were up to him, he would force women to have children.

On the other hand, it does seem like a good idea to create a market to promote the buying and selling of organs. Among other controversies, the far-right has come to deny that there were 30,000 missing during the dictatorship, which gives an idea of ​​his plans regarding memory. One of his latest controversies has been his defense during Sunday’s debate of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, for whom she has always felt a great affinity and whom she described as a “great leader.” This has caused the rejection of groups of veterans of the Falklands War.